Honolulu County Unclaimed Property (Hawaii)

The Honolulu County Finance Department administers finances for a municipality, often at the state or local level. As part of this job, Finance Departments keep records about tax payments and tax refunds, including Honolulu County unclaimed property or money. This can include overpayments on taxes, property or money owed by the government, and other unclaimed property. Finance Departments may provide an online searchable database to locate unclaimed property in Honolulu County, Hawaii.

Honolulu Finance Department Urban Honolulu HI 250 South Hotel Street, Ste 305 96813 808-586-1518

The Honolulu County Veterans Affairs Department is a federal agency that provides services to veterans, including providing life insurance to service members. In some cases, policyholders or their beneficiaries may have unclaimed insurance funds which are owed to them, which are considered Honolulu County unclaimed property. The Veterans Affairs Department provides an online search database to identify unclaimed life insurance funds owed to people in Honolulu County, Hawaii.

442nd Veterans Club Honolulu HI 933 Wiliwili Street, 102 96826 808-949-7997

Disabled American Veterans Honolulu HI 2685 North Nimitz Highway 96819 808-833-3746

US Department of Veterans Affairs Honolulu HI 3375 Koapaka Street, 1560 96819 808-566-1546

US Department of Veterans Affairs Honolulu HI 1680 Kapiolani Boulevard 96814 808-973-8387

US Veterans Affairs Department Honolulu HI 300 Ala Moana Boulevard 96850 808-433-1000

US Vets Kapolei HI 1772 Shangrila Street, 37 96707 808-682-9000

Veterans of Foreign Wars Honolulu HI 438 Hobron Lane, 407 96815 808-946-7250

The Honolulu County Clerk Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including records on unclaimed property. This can include property transferred through a will or gift deed, overpayments on taxes or tax refunds, or other moneys owed by the government. An unclaimed property search in Honolulu County can find money or property that has not been claimed by an individual or a relative. The Clerk Office may provide an online database to find unclaimed property in Honolulu County, Hawaii.

Honolulu County Clerk Honolulu HI 1151 Punchbowl Street 96813 808-587-0138

The Honolulu County Recorder of Deeds preserves real estate documents for a county or local government as part of their job to ensure the accuracy of land, property, and property tax records. Recorders of Deeds may also provide information on Honolulu County unclaimed property, including property transferred through a will or gift deed. Unclaimed property information may be available on the Recorder of Deeds website through a searchable database.

Honolulu County Recorder of Deeds Honolulu HI 530 South King Street 96813 808-768-3810